The Art Song Project

at the Victoria Conservatory of Music

Each year between April and June, we run an intensive song performance course, known as our Art Song Project, on a particular composer, repertoire, or theme.

In keeping with authentic tradition of song performance during Franz Schubert’s lifetime, our courses welcome both amateurs and professionals.

Our courses are streamed by student categories to challenge and stimulate both advanced and beginner musicians. To encourage community engagment, we restrict admission to pianists and singers aged 30 or older.

Students on our Art Song Project include community choral singers, adult singing and piano students, former music undergraduates who chose non-musical career paths, and music teachers looking to improve their knowledge of the song repertoire and collaborative skills.

Our student range from thirty-somethings, to empty-nesters, to retirees, and octagenarians.

Everyone is welcome on our Art Song Project. We hope you will join us, and share with us your love of song.

French Song 2020

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A masterclass with pianist Anna Cal 


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